How to use widora networking

Get widora, to want to play Hi, sure to network, there are several ways:
A connect the nearby AP, know the SSID and password, then directly in the terminal to connect to “connect2ap ssid key” command can be. Until the ia command to see the IP address as a successful connection.
B use the network cable to connect to the local router or switch, if you do not need to dial-up networking, only need to execute “eth_set_wan” command.
C with local area network connection broadband, PPPOE dial-up in this way, the first implementation of “eth_set_wan” order, and then modify the / etc / config / network file wan part of the proto from dhcp to pppoe

Option proto 'pppoe'
Option username 'account'
Option password 'passwd'

Edit End Save and restart the network: nr
Check if pppoe gets the IP address ifconfig pppoe-wan