K210 kpu frequency [back]

How can the KPU frequency be modified using the SDK

@tensilestrength I did not notice overheating when running at 800 MHz for several hours. But mostly it was an empty cycle and KPU was idle. Moreover, the chip is hidden beyond the metal shield, so the actual temperature of the chip may be much higher. It could be a really serious problem.
There is no built-in thermosensor, isn’t it?

I don’t have that information, it may over heat and destroy - thats all a over clocking can do. so might not be a big issue if you run it occassionally

@tensilestrength Yes, you are right, “decreases by half”.
I use Maix Dock with Sipeed M1W.
Can you tell which modification needs to be done and on which boards?

thanks, did you mean " kmodel execution time decreases by half"

Which hardware board are you using, I was told by Sipeed some hardware modification needs to be done for clocking at 800MHz.

I find that if I change CPU frequency from

sysctl_pll_set_freq(SYSCTL_PLL0, 800000000UL);

sysctl_pll_set_freq(SYSCTL_PLL0, 400000000UL);
the kmodel execution time decreases by half. So, if we assume that my model runs on KPU, then we can conclude that the frequencies of both the CPU and KPU are defined by SYSCTL PLL0.

Also, there is SYSCTL PLL1, which has some connection with KPU-dedicated SRAM, but modifying it doesn’t make noticeable changes.