MangoPi (T113-S3) CAN Bus Pins


On version 1.2 of the datasheet of T113-S3, the CAN bus peripheral was added. It is assumed that the this peripheral is the same as A10/20 and the new R40/T3 etc, there is a mainline driver already available.

The datasheet doesn’t specify which ports or pins support CAN peripheral, do you know?

Are these pins supported on the fan out of the MQ-Dual?

Thank you

can0-txd PB2
can0-rxd PB3
can1-txd PB4
can1-rxd PB5

Is there Can0 and Can1 peripheral on T113-S3? Is there a datasheet for register information? I have only seen 1x CAN peripheral.

Also is it possible to ask for a schematic of MQ-R T113-S3? None on Github.

the schematic and datasheet : MangoPi 芒果派 | d1