No Wifi

I have tried the debian and Android images on my MQ-Quad and wifi is not working at all, i have 2 devices and its not working on either device, the Antenna is attached. any suggestions?

Where did you get the Debian image? The product page doesn’t list one. It states that there’s no WiFi in the Ubuntu image but I would expect it to work on Android since it doesn’t mention any WiFi limitation for that image.

I saw a bug in the two mirrored WiFI-DTs and I am fixing it, A new ArmBian image is expected to be released on October 10


sorry i meant ubuntu not debian, tina linux doesnt even boot for me, the android image entry was updated to say wifi was not working, however it has now been completely removed :frowning: i hope its fixed soon, android is the reason i bought this device.

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great, just need android now :smiley:

i have gained root access on the android build, if theres a workaround i can apply for wifi i would be grateful

Currently, Bullseye Debian wifi has been fixed.I’ll upload it as soon as possible.

yeyyy, hopefully that means android is close, i need android for my projects :smiley: wanna delevop Maui apps for it!

please use the newset img: Mango Pi, Tiny and Elegant SBC | mqquad

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Should this image produce video output via HDMI?

EDIT: It seems to connect to the LAN using my USB adapter. I don’t know what the login and password are, though.

EDIT: root / orangepi

yes, both serial console and HDMI 1080P destop (xfce)

I only get black from HDMI however my HDMI cable is very long and may not be suitable for use with a SBC. Doesn’t matter now that I have SSH access.

I am successfully connected to WiFi and able to run Klipper, Moonraker, Mainsail, and KlipperScreen on my MQ-Quad. Very happy!