To custom the OS for Mango Pi MQ Pro based F1333(D1s)


Does anyone know where we can find a guideline or documentation about how to custom a OS for Mango Pi MQ Pro based F1333(D1s). Something likes Yocto or Buildroot, or Debian,…


Hi Tan,

do you really have a MQ Pro board with F133 CPU?
Buildroot does have support for D1 board and its Lichee RV/Lichee RV dock. It should be a fine starting point for whatever D1 based board.

About F133/D1s - actually there is a pending patch series for buildroot regarding MangoPi MQ board support: [Buildroot] [PATCH v4 1/1] configs/mangopi_mangopi_mq_d1s: new defconfig - Indrek Kruusa

Also, I created an ready made image available and announced here also:

Best regards,

Hi Indrek,

Thank you for your info. May I know what system(tina OS, buildroot,…) you use to build the custom image?