What display to use Mango Pi MQ-R T133?

I am not sure which pins to use on the board or what display I can buy that will work.

This is for MQ-R with T133 chip

Can someone please advise?

Thank you!

The default display is 5inch RGB 800*480 display.

Thank you. I am in US, how do I buy one of these displays? I cannot find it on Ebay, aliexpress etc.
What is the name of the connector it requires? Can you send me a link to a monitor I can buy, that is the right one?

thank you, but I have the same qeustion as piscesadmin.

Where does this monitor connect on the MQ-R board? None of the connectors on MQ-R look like video connectors.

Also, I cannot find any monitors that have a connector close to the one you link, and I can’t find any for sale anywhere. If I google the model number you link in the PDF, nothing comes up.