DietPi Image for Mango Pi MQ Pro (Allwinner D1)

Hi~ I think we had all been exploring the possibility of the board, but with the processing power of Allwinner D1, ordinary OS is quite heavy for it.

I’ve came across an OS call DietPi, which is a lightweight debian which is a good start to try and easy to use. You may refer to its website for details.

I’ve created the image for this board and would like to share to those who wana try it! :slightly_smiling_face:

The first boot require HDMI / serial console as you would need to provide wifi credential inside dietpi-config. After that, it takes time to update the board to latest version of DietPi. After that, enjoy your adventure!~

An update to the image with newer kernel and dietpi version.
(Headless mode, HDMI IS NOT WORKING, please use putty / ssh to acess the terminal)

Thanks for the work done, I have updated the Mango Pi MQ Pro (Nezha D1) up to DietPi 9.0.2, starting from the Vasco’s image and works until you try to install FFMPEG, which I do not recommend for now, or the graphical environment, that need the same software.

From the command line it works and as you wrote, you need a screen, I also used a USB-C network card. It’s a long process, it would be better to create an image updated to DietPi 9.0.2.

please take a look and try the new image if you are able.
It is using a newer kernel… but without HDMI, it is only fit for headless console.

Do remember, you may need to mask the getty for a number of port to solve the kworker high usage
for exmaple systemctl mask serial-getty@tty(S1-S9).service