How to Change Resolution in Console?

I bought Mango PI MQ-PRO. Make boot img and Setup is well. but when I boot mq-pro and execute vim. I know that resolution is unmatch with monitor. but I don’t know what command could change resolution.

ps. I use nezha_jammy image for boot. It has xfce4. but when i boot mq-pro. xfce4 is not executed. Did I miss some setting?

ps2. The picture is my current situation.

This may sounds odd, yet if your monitor has DVI input try connecting via HDMI to DVI adapter.

As for Xfce, I used LicheeRV image and I can remember running it, by manually starting it, perhaps - it’s pointlessly slow. For meaningful X or Wayland experience VisionFive 2 is the only option.

If you want some graphics, then SDL with dumb-buffers: