Pi-Star from Orange Pi 3 to Mango Pi MQ Quad

Hello. I would like to use a Mango Pi MQ Quad as an alternative to the Raspberry pi zero 2w for Pi-Star. Pi-Star already has an image designed for the Orange Pi Zero 3 which also uses an H616 processor and is a bullseye build. How would we go about modifying this image to boot on the Mango Pi MQ Quad?

Try to look at my project GitHub - mamin27/H616-mangopi: DTS file for setting MQ-Quad / MCore-H616 board. I added pin numbering file in OPi.GPIO library (my version). It was also correctly tested with my projects. There is also update of dtb file.

Thanks for the response. I compiled the dtb and added it to the boot partition of the SD card. Unfortunately that didn’t allow it to boot, so I assume I just don’t know what I’m doing. Any other advice on how to get that image to boot on the mq quad?

Out of curiosity, why MQ-Quad rather than one of Orange Pi or Radxa products?

In compilation dtb was not any errors? Maybe some typo.

There were warnings, but no errors. Do I really only need to place the dtb in the boot partition dtb folder with no other changes to config files?

Good question. I was just trying to upgrade while re-using my mmdvm hat. That one was designed for the Raspberry Pi zero. The Orange Pi 3 and NanoPi Neo both have different form factors and different gpio pin layouts, so I can’t re-use my mmdvm hat. The Mango Pi MQ Quad does have the same form factor and to my knowledge the same pinout for GPIO as the raspberry pi zero.

Now, unfortunately, Pi-Star only supports certain computers, so I can’t even be sure that it will work with just any Orange Pi. Also, the Orange Pi Zero 2W wasn’t available when I got the Mango Pi. I might buy one just to give it a shot, though.

I don’t know which software you use for managing mmdvm. I use python3 for managing I2C chips or GPIO I/O, PWM and difference between Raspberry PI and Allwinner boards (MangoPi, OrangePi) is in RPI.GPIO library and OPi.GPIO. You just need to replace them. They are almost fully compatible.

I could look at you problem if you want to share info by conf call when you will be in trouble. But firstly let’s try to do what you know to eliminate any typos.