Hi makers of mangopi, for my work I have the go head to do an embedded linux cource for iot devices. I am super excited and motivated and have a great idea (use case) that has a direct practical usage :slight_smile: i want to use, for myself and for my teacher (its an 1:1 incompany training) your new MangoPi-Nezha MQ unit. Its ideal for the tasks at hand, is it possible to try or order 2 units (wifi model)??

In the cource we will build the os (linux) ground up, from the kernal. I can keep the community updated in this forum.

I hope you/your company is willing to do this, if so please contact me via PM.

With kind regards Jeroen Wolf, from the University of Amsterdam

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Hello, I am glad to be able to follow the progress of MQ.
Now MQ has been mass-produced and can be purchased (widora.taobao.com).

In theory, it can be sent to the world through the “taobao transshipment warehouse service”.

If you encounter problems with taobao.com temporarily, I try to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Our second batch (about 1K pcs) will be considered for listing to dfrobot and seeedstudio.

Let us keep in touch, next week we will release the design materials to github and synchronize them on mangopi.org


Hi Mangobuge,

Thanks so much for your extensive answer.
I waited a couple of days but the site taobao still is’t working for me.
I will contact you via email, the day after tomorrow ok?

All the best, your sincerely
Jeroen Wolf
University of Amsterdam

Hi Mangobuge, I just sent you an email.

Ps any info on the upcomming MQ Pro?

All the best and best wishes to all,

I couldn’t see the MQ Pro on taobao, do you plan to have a new batch produced anytime soon?

Mass production after the Spring Festival

Thank you for the info, Please keep us informed when the SBC is on dfrobot :wink: thx. Jeroen