MPi-GW1 - any documentation?


bought from aliexpress and received the tiny MPi-GW1 but cannot find any documentation on it?

can anyone help on this ?

thanks !

D213-GW1-SCH-100x2.pdf (1.3 MB)
MPI-GW1-IO分配.pdf (257.5 KB)

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luban-sdk(buildroot): GitHub - artinchip/luban: This reposiroty is the official release channel for ArtInchip's Luban SDK, and all intellectual property belongs to ArtInchip. or Luban: 本仓库为广州匠芯创科技有限公司的D211项目的官方对外SDK发布途径,该仓库的所有代码和文档所有权归属于广州匠芯创科技有限公司,在无授权情况下不得私自获取,复制和传播。

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Allegedly, MangoPi is working on OpenWrt support for this board.
Until then, I am reluctant to order one although the device looks promising.
An enclosure would be welcome too.

don’t buy it !
you should get paid to test this !
a few links on a forum doesn’t count as software support !